Your laugh lines are evidence of a happy life well-lived, but there’s no shame in making them less noticeable to reveal a younger-looking you. Smoothing out laugh lines, frown lines and crow’s feet just got easier – and instant – thanks to Belotero®. This newer dermal filler delivers noticeable results after just the first treatment. Now you can get younger-looking, smoother skin without surgery at Regenerative Aesthetics & Laser NW with Belotero®. This clinically proven and safe treatment is a quick and painless way to erase lines and wrinkles, and it requires zero downtime.

What Is Belotero®?

Belotero® is the latest, prescription dermal filler that smooths out and fills in moderate to severe etched-in lines and wrinkles around your nose, lips and mouth, as well as laugh lines, crow’s feet around your eyes or forehead wrinkles. It consists of hyaluronic acid, which is naturally occurring. Most patients also have a noticeable improvement in fine lines and wrinkles after just one treatment, which means that fewer treatments are required to achieve results.

Important Note: Belotero® should not be used in patients with a history of multiple or severe allergies, including those with a history of anaphylaxis.

What Happens During a Belotero® Treatment?

This safe, non-invasive treatment is quick – taking about 30 minutes to one hour. Once you have met with the doctor to determine your goals, the doctor will disinfect your skin, and carefully inject the areas of concern to fill out lines and wrinkles. You should be able to leave immediately after your treatment and resume your normal daily activities. Patients may experience a minimal injection site reaction, that could include inflammation, however it should last no more than seven days. Each treatment of Belotero® can last between 6-12 months or longer.

Belotero® Benefits:

Patients have reported the following benefits from Belotero®:

  • Smooths moderate-to-severe facial lines and wrinkles that are etched in
  • Feels very natural to the touch
  • Maintains normal movement and facial expressions
  • A quick treatment with immediately noticeable results
  • No downtime
  • Clinically proven and safe

Please contact our office today for a private consultation about our Belotero® treatment, and we will develop a specific plan to help you achieve your personal goals.

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