Amniotic derived stem cells (ASCs) – also called amnion – are stem cells derived from donated amniotic fluid and tissue. Amniotic fluid is the protective liquid contained within the amniotic sac during pregnancy. Amniotic stem cells are the gold standard and one of the purest, most versatile stem cells available because they can be used in therapy to develop into several different types of tissues, such as skin, cartilage, cardiac, nerves, muscle and bone. They have many medical applications, especially in organ and joint regeneration, which is how they are utilized at Regenerative Aesthetics & Lasers NW.

How Does Amnion Cellular Therapy Work?  

Our cellular therapies utilize amnion stem cells to aid in the repair of joint pain, injury and muscle degeneration. Amnion stem cells have a powerful and unique ability to self-renew, generating new healthy cells to replace diseased cells in the body. Stem cells have an anti-inflammatory ability and work to maximize the body’s own natural healing system by transforming into new cells – these new cells replace the damaged cells and repair the injured tissue at the site of injury or joint degeneration. The goal is to advance the treatment process in such a way as to transform the way patients are being helped to restore full body function and range of motion. Various types of stem cells can be used – such as amnion from amniotic fluid, bone marrow or other sources within the body.

Consider Amnion Cellular Therapy

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