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At Regenerative Aesthetics & Lasers NW our goal is to make you feel more beautiful, promote overall health and relieve any chronic pain that is keeping you from enjoying an active lifestyle. We understand that joint pain can impact even the simplest everyday tasks, and have a dramatic effect on your overall well-being. Please contact our office today for a private consultation.

Joint Pain

If you’re suffering from chronic, debilitating joint pain, don’t delay treatment simply because you think surgery is your only option. You can find non-surgical, long-lasting and natural pain relief with regenerative medicine. Using stem cell therapy and PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), regenerative treatments not only help heal the damaged cartilage and tissue, but actually start to regenerate new, healthy cartilage and connective tissue, which restores the damaged joint.

Regenerative Aesthetics & Lasers NW offers patients several options to treat and manage their joint pain, such as a SI joint injection, or an epidural steroid injection. Our regenerative treatments, like stem cell therapy and PRP also promote natural healing within the tissue surrounding the joint for relief.

Available Joint Pain Treatments:

Epidural Steroid Injections

Chronic spinal pain in the neck, mid-back and lower back can be relieved with an Epidural Steroid Injection. Steroids are injected into the epidural space around the spinal nerves, creating an anti-inflammatory effect and relieving pain.


Platlet-Rich Plasma (PRP) is the practice using the natural growth factors in a patient’s own blood, by isolating and concentrating the platlets, which are then injected into the injured area. This reduces inflammation and promotes healing.

SI Joint Injections

Suffering from chronic pain in the small joints in the neck, mid-back and lower back? A facet joint injection can help. A small amount of steroids is injected into the area, easing pain and inflammation. Relief can last for months or years.

Stellate Ganglion Blocks

Relieve chronic pain in the arms, neck, head and upper chest, which hasn’t responded to previous treatment with a Stellate Ganglion Block. This injection is a long-acting anesthetic that can “reset” the system, relieving pain to the stellate ganglion nerve bundle in the neck.

Please contact our offices today for a private consultation, and we will develop a specific plan to relieve your chronic joint pain.

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